Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Finalists for the 2017 WI Soybean Yield Contest are Announced

The 2017 soybean production year did not produce the record yields that we saw in 2016 but was above trend for most Wisconsin farmers. Changes to our entry form and rules led to greater interest and participation in the 2017 WSA/WSMB Soybean Yield Contest. The top two entries in each division (in no particular order) were:

Division 4: 
  • Kevin and Dale Bahr, Darlington (planted Asgrow AG2535)
  • Rick DeVoe, Monroe (planted DuPont Pioneer P31T77R)
Division 3:
  • Steve Wilkens, Random Lake (planted NK S21-M7 Brand)
  • Jim Salentine, Luxemburg (planted Steyer 1401L)
Division 2:
  • Scott Peavey, Woodville (planted Croplan R2C1400)  
  • Kevin Bork, Grand Marsh (planted LG Seeds C2020R2) 
Division 1: 
  • Dawn Lundgren, Amery (planted DuPont Pioneer P16A35X) 
  • David Lundgren, Amery (planted Croplan R2C1572) 
The Soybean Quality Contest was optional for any Soybean Yield Contest entrant.  There are no geographical divisions for the Quality Contest.  One cash award will be presented statewide to the highest protein plus oil yield per acre (measured in lbs. per acre). The finalists for the Soybean Quality Contest are:
  • Rick DeVoe, Monroe (planted DuPont Pioneer P31T77R)
  • Kevin Bork, Grand Marsh (planted LG Seeds C2020R2) 
The final ranking and awards will be presented at the Corn Soy Expo to be held at the Kalahari Convention Center, Wisconsin Dells on Thursday February 1st during the WSA/WSMB annual meeting.

The contest is sponsored by the WI Soybean Program and organized to encourage the development of new and innovative management practices and to show the importance of using sound cultural practices in WI soybean production.

For more information please contact Shawn Conley, WI State Soybean Specialist at 608-262-7975 or spconley@wisc.edu