Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flooded soybean fields starting to show symptoms

Scouting our field trials today we noticed an area presenting phytophthora symptoms. Further scouting showed plants were actually dying due to excessive flood injury and soil saturation. These fields have been subjected to nearly 5 inches of rain this week. This specific pocket has been anaerobic for 48 to 76 hours. Couple that with the heat, humidity, and larger crop growth stage (R1) plants are going downhill quickly. For more information on flood damage to soybean please visit

Monday, June 10, 2013

Chilton Wheat and FHB (Scab) Prediction Map

Just a quick update on what is happening in the WI wheat world today. The Soybean and Small Grain Research Crew was at Chilton today after digging soybean roots at Arlington this morning. Yes soybean does comes first.... At Chilton, powdery mildew was evident in the lower crop canopy, but had yet to move up the stem.
Most varieties have wheat heads emerging from the sheath. A couple early wheat varieties had a few heads starting to flower. However the majority of flowering at our Chilton site should take place late this week into the weekend.
The southern 1/3 of the state has or is experiencing wheat flowering now (Damon Smith applied the FHB fungicides today at Arlington). Below please see a risk map regarding today's risk for FHB. West central WI is located in the medium to high risk zone so please scout accordingly. Remember risk is associated with weather conditions and crop growth stage. Fungicide options for FHB are found at Management of Small Grain Diseases Fungicide Efficacy for Control of Wheat Diseases.

For more information on FHB please visit