Monday, September 29, 2008

Preliminary Soybean Yields

The 2008 soybean harvest is just getting under way. For most of the growing season, the soybean crop has been about 150 to 200 GDU's behind the 5-year average. Fortunately for WI soybean growers, the unseasonably warm weather we have been enjoying over the last 10 days has quickly advanced our crop towards maturity. However, unfortunately for our growers, preliminary yield estimates are variable. Most of the soybeans that were harvested over the weekend were early maturity group soybeans that were adversely affected by the dry conditions we experienced in August. As growers begin to harvest their later maturity group soybeans, yields will likely be higher due to the late rainfalls that aided seed-fill and the higher yield potential that full season soybeans generally exhibit. The preliminary yield reports from Jefferson (Joe Bollman), Iowa (Rhonda Gildersleeve), Dodge (Matt Hanson), and Green Lake (Carla Hargrave) counties show soybean yields ranging from the low 20's to about 50 bu per acre. Yields generally improve as we move from west to east (Iowa to Dodge County). Regardless of yield variability, if you saw a combine rolling this weekend you likely also saw a drill nearby as growers try to get their wheat crop planted in time to take full advantage of the warm weather and any crop insurance restrictions.