Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2011 - Foliar Fungicides for Field Crops

With grain commodity prices remaining strong, we have updated our "Number of bushels needed to cover the cost of a foliar fungicide application" table for 2011. We will be shortly updating this record on the Field Crops Plant Pathology website. For 2011, we have the estimated bushels across a wide range of commodity prices as well as fungicide costs and application prices. Commodity prices range from $3 to 13 per bushel while fungicide cost and application prices range from $13 to 27 per acre. Fungicide prices were estimated from several sources, including consultation with industry colleagues. In general, the breakeven number of bushels (across the range of prices) ranges from 1 to 9 bushels per acre. This is meant to be a guide as other costs can include wheel track damage in wheat and soybean with fungicide applications, if made using ground equipment. Our best results for response to a fungicide application are when conditions are favorable for disease development and we have knowledge of the variety reaction to specific diseases that can cause yield loss.